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Am I OK To Fly With a Sprained Ankle

Fly with a Sprained Ankle

Am I OK To Fly With a Sprained Ankle

Traveling could mean a big challenge especially when you are not feeling well. You could just imagine a long period of sitting and walking on museum floors leaving you even more in pain. Flying with a sprained ankle first requires treatment that helps avoid worsened symptoms and damage throughout the trip.

To clear things out, you can still even fly with a sprained ankle but you need to be ready as your leg can be left dependent or hanging down over a period of time. This only further increases stiffness and swelling you felt from the very beginning.

Ankle sprain is actually an injury wherein the foot turns over on the legs while the ligaments are stretched out. By consulting a doctor, he or she will be ready in determining if it is a sprain.
How Do I Know If I’m OK To Fly With a Sprained Ankle

Even though, as mentioned, you can still fly with a sprained ankle, it does not necessarily mean that it is no longer dangerous. When you stay for hours on an airplane, it could lead to more pain and swelling that just staying off, elevating it and icing it.

It could also be possible that if there is an increased swelling, you could potentially develop DVT or a “deep vein thrombosis” or clotting in the leg. It is suggested by health experts to wear “TED hose” or “compression stockings” that can help control the swelling.

If you will ask about how long a sprained ankle can heal, it will still depend on the severity of the sprain. It usually takes one week or more when it is not properly treated. That is the main reason why it is advised of you to consult with your doctor.

The good news is that there are some essential things you can do in healing a sprained ankle. Among those things include the application of ice, cross training, ice and physical therapy. It is a lot better if you will consult an ankle and foot surgeon as he or she can guide you through all these things.

For instance, RICE is a protocol known for alleviating the pain and the sprain in your ankle. RICE actually means rest, icing, compression and elevation and is known to work well during the acute stage. When the pain has completely healed, you can already begin walking by means of utilizing your ankle support. This can help further prevent injury for the second time around.

Especially when you make use of a stiff sole, it can bring you more stability for exercises and walking activities and can help your motion. In the event that the symptoms still persisted, it is suggested to seek treatment because you may already have the so-called torn or fracture ligament. Pain medications or anti-inflammatory medicines may not help ease the symptoms away and improve the results after.

If you think you can fly with a sprained ankle and you can handle the long hours of sitting, you can book for your flight any moment from now. Be extra careful as well for your safety and security!