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Differences Between a Sprained and A Broken Ankle

Sprained and Broken Ankle

Differences Between a Sprained and A Broken AnkleWhen you experience an ankle injury, you can notice that it is really a depressing one. This is especially when you will have to practice for your upcoming game or will have to jog anywhere. And, an ankle issue leads you further to being disabled on a temporary basis. You may also not able to walk properly due to this medical issue.

Actually, it is one of the most common injuries that are obtained from playing games like basketball, volleyball, tennis and a whole lot more. Ankle sprain usually lasts for a short period of time; however, a broken ankle might take some days for it to heal completely. And, it mainly requires one of going through regular checkups and exercises.
What exactly is the Difference of Sprained Ankle and Broken Ankle?

A sprained and a broken ankle are exactly two different things. To best understand their difference, any issue such as a chip, a crack or a break in the bone of an ankle or anklebone is considered to be a fracture/ broken ankle. The sprained ankle is actually an ankle injury with the disruption or tear in the ligaments. The ligaments are the fibrous tissues with the purpose of holding the bone in the joints.

That severe injury in the ankle actually consists of both issues; sprain and fracture. This now depends on how extreme the severity and the sprain and fracture type. Actually, the ankle sprain can vary from mild to severe. This is also commonly experienced by the athletes and is described as the common sports injury.
Key Differences Between a Sprained and A Broken Ankle

With broken ankles, these usually demand a lot of attention especially when it comes to medications and treatments. It is also more likely to become a severe ankle injury. If the pain and the swelling do not stop within 24 hours or even after 2 days, it is now suggested to consult a doctor and go through a proper treatment. There are times that the ankles become completely deformed, get weak and get dumb. Thus, consulting a sports medicine expert or even a physician is strongly suggested.

The pain and the swelling in the ankles indicate sprain and broken ankles. Actually, the sprain often occurs in the wrists and in the ankles and the broken ankle occurs in the ankles. With sprain ankle injuries, these may also bring more bruises to the affected area and cause more pain and swelling. On the other hand, broken ankles sometimes require surgeries for them to be repaired. And, this way, the dislocated bones can be fixed right away for good and fast recovery. Thus, medical attention is likewise needed.

It is also important to know the difference between the sprained ankles and broken ankles. As compared to the sprained one, the broken ankle is even made more severe that causes an individual to suffer from being unable to walk temporarily. This also gets severe when not properly treated and medicated. This injury often occurs in players and athletes.