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EPAT Treatment in Long Beach

EPAT Treatment in Long Beach

EPAT Treatment Long BeachThere are many people suffering from foot pain issues and they try every possible solution for relief. A more recent method in podiatry is Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT) which is becoming a major therapy for patients. Approved by the FDA, EPAT is a highly effective treatment for chronic or acute muscle pains, tendon inflammation, and more. The facility at Long Beach, California is a great place to be treated with EPAT and offers exemplary service.
EPAT Treatment in Long Beach

The procedure is simply a noninvasive process that allows for the affected tissue to heal and recover. Moreover, EPAT treatment at our Long Beach office involves a doctor applying gel to the damaged area and the device is moved in a circle across the area, releasing waves of pressure to gradually relieve the tissues through regeneration. Typically, this process takes 15 minutes and is repeated 3 times at weekly interval sessions before effects are seen. Numerous patients praise the treatment and say that they are pain-free immediately or soon after undergoing the procedure.
What is EPAT Treatment Used For?

EPAT is used to treat a multitude of podiatric related problems, including heel pain, bursitis (inflammation of a bursa), achilles tendonitis, a number of sports injuries, and trigger points of pain. This is a partial list of ailments, but ask your podiatrist for more information in detail about whether EPAT is right for you.

There are countless benefits from the EPAT procedure because patients do not have to be concerned about the use of anesthesia and any risks since there are almost no side effects or issues related to performing EPAT (by a qualified medical professional). As mentioned earlier, the EPAT process does not involve any incisions and therefore, no possibility of serious infections. Another huge factor is the cost effectiveness of EPAT since it is covered by a majority of insurance plans and provides a quick solution for 80% of patients who have positive feedback from the new technology.
Long Beach EPAT Doctors

Patients who undergo the EPAT procedure can return to everyday activities within 24-48 hours afterward. Without any long term recovery time, patients can continue their daily life and resume strenuous activity in 4 weeks afterward. This lets people heal and move on with their lives while starting to live free of pain. Going to an office such as the one at Long Beach will have a calm setting and patients ought to be relieved within a month.

The EPAT procedure is a newer and quality solution for countless patients out there with podiatric issues. Being cost effective, patients also have the option to return to their normal lives immediately and to strenuous activity weeks later. All in all, EPAT is an effective podiatric treatment for all sufferers to think about.

If you are considering EPAT based on a recommendation, we encourage you to contact our Long Beach office to schedule a consultation.