Jun 08

Experiencing Shock Wave Therapy Treatment

In our age of advancing medical treatment technology, there is a new type of therapy for foot pain that has proven to be very successful and practically painless known as EPAT or Shock Wave Therapy. This revolutionary treatment procedure has made it easier for anyone experiencing common foot problems to have immediate and effective treatment.
How Does EPAT Therapy Work On A Patient?

A podiatrist will apply direct low frequency soundwaves on the injured area of your foot through a hand held applicator. By doing this, the sound waves will penetrate through the tissue in your foot and stimulate more blood flow to the affected area. This will help to speed up your body’s natural healing process. Multiple treatments over multiple weeks will greatly increase your relief in pain.

Some of the major benefits of shock wave therapy include:

-No anesthesia
-No hospital stay
-No risk of infection
-Faster healing
-No side effects

With benefits like those, it is very hard to turn away from such a treatment. When over 80% of patients have experienced less to no pain after shock wave therapy, you start to see the draw of the procedure.

Some of the most common foot problems and conditions suitable for shock wave therapy treatment include plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and chronic muscle pain. All of these conditions are treated by Dr. Pedram Aslmand at his office.

Patients who have received shock therapy treatment have experienced a change in their pain after about 3 weeks, but some have even felt the effects almost immediately. While most patients are suited for this type of treatment, it is advised that any patient who is taking blood thinners should not have this procedure due to the affects of the shockwaves on the blood stream itself.

For more information about EPAT Shock Wave Therapy Treatment, contact Dr. Pedram Aslmand for a consultation today!