Apr 18

Foot Rub Advice – 5 Tips to Help Your Technique

A good foot rub has the power to sedate and refresh anyone, but there’s more to this relaxing experience than just squeezing and rubbing. If you’re giving someone else a foot massage, then you need to know some fundamental basics that often go ignored. There are certain techniques you can use to take your foot rubbing skills to a new level. Knowing how to truly make rubbing someone’s feet a gift only takes a few minutes and can yield years of soothing goodness.

Steps for a Good Foot Rub

Step 1: Begin by having the rub receiver lie down. When the entire body is at ease, the entire process becomes heightened.

Step 2: With their feet in your hands, begin rubbing the tops of their feet one at a time. Place your thumbs at the tips of their toes and with a gentle firmness begin rubbing away from you towards their ankles. Do this a few times to warm up each foot and stimulate blood circulation.

Step 3: Next, it’s time to give the toes some attention. Start with the big toe by placing it between your thumb (on top) and your index finger (on the bottom). Very slowly, firmly, and gently begin pulling up on the toe to give it a slight stretch. Toes can be very sensitive, so be sure to avoid being too rough. You can also use this time to gently twist each toe slowly.

Step 4: It’s time to ease those arches. Place the heel of the foot in one hand and using the heel of your other hand begin pressing into their arches starting at the ball of the foot. Slide your hand down to their heel and then back up to the ball. Repeat this several times. This part of their foot can sustain a bit more pressure than other areas, but since everyone is different be attentive to what feels best for them.

Step 5: Repeat all of the steps above until you’ve completely won them over with your amazing foot rubbing techniques.

Many people like to incorporate oils into their rubs, which is really a matter of personal preference. Oils can be messy, but nothing a towel and a little planning can’t handle. Also, if you’re experiencing any pain, or chronic discomfort, there’s no substitute for a professional podiatrist.