Mar 24
Knee Scooter for a Broken Foot

Forget the Crutches and Try a Knee Scooter for a Broken Foot

Knee Scooter for a Broken Foot

When you have a broken foot in a cast and you can’t put any pressure on it for at least a month, you have a major mobility issue. It’s bad enough that you’ll be unable to participate in many of your favorite activities during this time. But you still need to be able to get around at work, the market and your home and neighborhood. Of course, there are always crutches. But these, while relatively inexpensive, present some problems:

  • They limit upper body movement
  • They may not be comfortable
  • They are cumbersome
  • It can be difficult to maneuver
  • Higher risk of losing balance and falling

You may want to consider a knee scooter for a broken foot. This device looks somewhat like a child’s scooter but it has an elevated padded platform where the patient can rest a bended knee comfortably. It has wheels and handlebars which are used to navigate the scooter. It requires no upper body strength to operate. Crutches vs. knee scooter? There’s really no question there. The scooter is far superior. Let’s look at some reasons why: Your text to link…

Why is a Knee Scooter Better?


Your body is supported by the scooter. You can’t trip and fall. A purse or any bags can be placed in the scooter’s basket so they won’t affect your balance.


Trying to get even a few feet with crutches is exhausting. The scooter allows you to get where you’re going quickly without tiring yourself.


The scooter can make tight turns easily without risk of losing balance and falling.

Use of a knee scooter also eliminates muscle strain and lower back pain that can result from using crutches.

Selecting a Knee Scooter

There are many different models, so you must be sure to try out your scooter and make sure it fits your needs. Make sure it glides along easily. You shouldn’t have to push hard to make it move. It should be easy to steer, even around tight corners. You should feel balanced as you operate it. The knee pad should feel supportive and be adjustable. The handlebars should also be adjustable. Make sure the brakes work well, too. Be sure to get a model with a basket so your hands are completely free at all times. Take your time. Don’t be pressured into choosing a model that doesn’t feel right for you. Ask about rentals, too. No need to buy an item you’ll need only for a short time.

Knee scooters can be purchased or rented from medical supply houses, some pharmacies, and some retailers.

As you can see, crutches vs. knee scooter isn’t much of a contest. Using a knee scooter instead of traditional crutches will make your recovery time much more pleasant and comfortable.