Oct 13

Heel Pain in Young Athletes

At Advanced Foot & Ankle in Long Beach, California, we put a special emphasis on treating young athletes and educating them about the ways to properly care for their feet. Continuing to play sports and remain active after an injury has occurred is common among youth and high school athletes, but can result in an increased chance of severe injury and potentially life-long consequences.

This is why it is important for parents to ask questions regarding any potential foot pain that their son or daughter may be experiencing and to take action in accordance with what they are told.

One of the typical injuries of types of pain that we see among young athletes is heel pain. Most athletes put a tremendous amount of pressure on their feet by wearing cleats or ill-fitted shoes and participating in heavy amounts of running, jumping and kicking and other impactful sport-related actions.

Heel pain is a common complaint and should not be ignored, or be expected to go away on its own when heel pain strikes an athlete; it is generally a symptom of a greater problem and should be viewed as a warning signing that deserves your attention. The heel is designed to support the weight of an individual’s body, but depending on the activity, increased pressure can be applied to the heel when an individual is running or jumping.

Causes of heel pain can include plantar fasciitis, heel bursitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome or potentially a stress fracture in the foot.

Treatment for heel pain will depend of the severity of the pain and the limitations that it is causing. For mild pain, treatment can include inserting cushions into the heel along with reducing activity. If the heel pain is severe or has been occurring for more than a week we recommend bringing the child or teenager in to our office for a consultation to determine an appropriate treatment plan.

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