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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — A conservative approach that seeks to avoid even minor surgery whenever possible has made Long Beach’s Advanced Foot & Ankle Center the venue for foot treatment Orange County and southern Los Angeles County residents turn to first. However, there are times when even the most detailed and thorough attempts to treat foot ailments through the use of non-surgical therapies do not produce the desired result. When that happens, Pedram Aslmand, DPM, is able to perform a wide variety of surgeries that can be done at the center, using only the most minimal incisions needed. The result is greatly reduced recovery and “down time” for patients; it’s why Dr. Aslmand is known as a foot doctor Long Beach residents seek out for the most thoughtful and well-considered approach to podiatry.

On the premises of the Advanced Foot & Ankle Center is a small but comfortable procedure room where Dr. Aslmand deals with a broad array of podiatric issues.  In addition to the convenience and flexibility provided by the room, conducting procedures on site significantly reduces costs for patients and insurance providers by eliminating the need for expensive hospital operating rooms. Considering rising medical costs and the current uncertain state of healthcare for many people, the on-site procedure room is regarded by Dr. Aslmand and his patients as a major asset. Even so, what happens in the procedure room is its most important aspect.

When such problems as heel spurs, bunions, hammertoes, as well as neuromas (growths) and lesions require a surgical approach to treatment, the doctor makes a careful study of the patient’s history of foot issues as well as his or her overall medical history. He then works out an approach that will settle the issue while causing as little trauma to the foot as possible.  While some cases may be more difficult than others, Dr. Aslmand takes a careful and considered approach that has created consistently positive outcomes for his patients. Advanced Foot & Ankle Center patients report that their foot problems tend to resolve themselves in a surprisingly fast timeframe, with remarkably short recovery times after procedures.

Of course, sometimes more dramatic foot injuries and problems can arise. When necessary, Dr. Aslmand is able to provide 24 hour emergency care for foot and ankle conditions including fractures, sprains, infections, and other sudden and painful events requiring immediate treatment. Very often, even these issues can be addressed in the foot center’s procedure room, though that may not always be the case for more severe injuries.  An in-office X-ray device enables the doctor to make diagnoses on the spot. For cases that are urgent, but not emergencies, the center offers same day and next day appointments.

The only thing that’s better than thoughtful, well thought out podiatry is preventing problems from arising in the foot place. Dr. Aslmand is known as a doctor who has helped countless patients to prevent injuries by counseling them on better ways to go about their days and engage in their favorite recreational activities.

If you are suffering from a foot issue that requires treatment or if you are an active person who would like to prevent acute or chronic foot issues, Dr. Aslmand is the podiatrist Long Beach CA patients trust for conservative, prevention-oriented treatment and sports medicine. Please call the center at 562-426-0376 or visit their website at

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