Don’t Neglect The Health Of Your Feet
Feb 14

Don’t Neglect The Health Of Your Feet

Want to make one big difference in your life this year? Then don’t neglect the health of your feet. Neglecting the health of your feet is a set-up for bigger problems down the road.

Your feet are an absolutely incredible piece of work. Did you know there are 26 tiny bones and 33 joints in each foot? How about this little tidbit: each foot contains 250,000 sweat glands! No wonder running shoes can have a certain je ne sais quoi after a workout. There are also tendons, ligaments, muscles, veins, arteries and nerves all confined in the tiny space that are our feet.

When you think of all the little tiny parts that make up the foot, it is easy to understand why taking foot health seriously is so important. This area of the body takes a pounding every day, as we walk and run. The beating only get worse when we shove our feet into shoes that don’t fit properly, or put on shoes that make us walk on the balls of our feet and toes, like high heels do.  Don’t even think about wearing those backless high heels for any length of time, without the name of a good podiatrist in your smart phone!

If you are a diabetic, then routine foot care is absolutely a must. It is estimated that the number of amputations needed for poor circulation, due to diabetes, could be cut in half by routine foot care.  It is essential that foot inspections be done at least once a year, for diabetics that are not experiencing any known problems. This needs to include a “monofilament test.”

Almost of us, though,  ignore small aches and pains that we have in our feet,  from time to time. We tend to think that as we age, foot pain is just a part of growing older, so we put up with it. Like all body parts the foot does age, but there is help for so many of the foot issues that bring us discomfort. Many of the treatments available could keep you from the need for serious surgery later.

For instance, there are exercises that can be done to help the high heel wearer keep the muscles in the foot and leg strong. Improper foot wear can lead to tingling, pain, and numbness in your feet and toes. Seek help as early as possible if you notice the formation of bunions, corns, or “hammer toes”. Bunions can run in families.  If a family member has a bunion, make your appointment now, to see what can be done to help alleviate the problem.

Arthritis and gout are chronic conditions that will benefit from prompt attention from your podiatrist. You can be made more comfortable by medication and certain life style modifications. Orthotics can also be of great benefit.  When your feet hurt, it is hard to maintain the proper exercise, or even the normal activities of daily living.

Some types foot problems are issues that must be taken care of right away. Those include redness and tenderness, that is accompanied by a fever and/or foul smell. This is a problem that can’t wait to “see if it will get better”.  You need to call the doctor and make an appointment as soon as possible. Be sure to tell the appointment scheduler your exact symptoms.

Neglecting your feet will only set you up for problems down the road. Make it a point to get the appropriate foot care , just as you get the right dental care and physical care for the rest of your body. Your feet are such an important part of a life well lived! Taking care of all those bones, joints, tendons, muscles, ligaments, and even those sweat glands will help keep you active and comfortable for a long, long time.

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