Nov 08
Podiatrist in Long Beach

Should I See A Podiatrist for Fallen Arches?

Podiatrist in Long Beach

Who Develops Fallen Arches In the Feet?

It is important to visit a podiatrist for fallen arches to avoid additional problems in your feet and ankles. Fallen arches can also affect the total alignment of your body, leading to discomfort in the legs, hips or spine. This condition typically occurs in adults who have a lot of wear and tear in the joints, muscles and tendons of the feet. In addition, if you have inflammation in your foot from another condition, then it can affect the tendon that supports the sole of your foot. A fallen arch might occur in one or both of your feet, and it is not a congenital condition that is present from birth.

What Are the Symptoms from Having Fallen Arches In One or Both Feet?

The painful symptoms from a fallen arch will make daily mobility difficult, so it is vital to seek treatment as soon as possible. Some of the signs from this condition include:

  • Pain in the heel while standing or walking
  • Swelling in the feet from inflammation
  • Discomfort in the sole of the foot from walking or standing
  • Inability to flex a foot or stand on your toes
  • Difficulty wearing certain types of shoes
  • Pain that radiates to the ankles, knees or hips

In addition to chronic pain from a fallen arch, the problem will alter the alignment of your body. By having an examination from a podiatrist for fallen arches, you can begin the appropriate therapy right way to protect your body’s other joints, muscles and bones.

How Can a Podiatrist Help You With Your Fallen Arches?

When you visit a podiatrist’s office, you will undergo a complete examination, and the physician will collect medical images to see the bones or other parts of the feet. There are physical therapy treatments along with special exercises that can reduce the discomfort in your feet. To relieve pain in the feet, you can apply heating pads or use ice packs. There are also portable footbaths that you can use at home that will whirl warm water that can help you have less pain in your feet.

Using Customized Orthotics for Your Feet Is Imperative

The most important aspect of visiting a podiatrist for fallen arches is that you can order customized heel pads or arch supports that are made for each foot. If you have pain in your heels, then a heel pad with a hole in it can relieve your discomfort. In some cases, you will have less pain from wearing an elastic brace on a foot. It is essential to wear high-quality footwear that has a flatter sole with firm support. With the right type of shoes, you can transfer your customized orthotics from one type of footwear to another. In most cases, you must use multiple treatment methods to help your feet feel better along with preventing additional damage to your feet and body. Call Advanced Foot and Ankle Center today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pedram Aslmand.