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The Root Cause of Heel Pain

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Heel PainOne of the most important parts of our body is our feet. Our feet are used in order for us to stand and move. It helps a lot in our everyday living. We use it for walking, running, jogging, jumping, and many more. Its main functions are to assist ambulation, weight transmission, and balance posture. Feet have many parts. One of those is the heels. The heel is located at the posterior end of the foot. It is very important part of one’s foot. It is founded on the projection of one bone, the heel bone or the calcaneus behind the articulation of the lower leg of the bones.

In our everyday living, we used our feet. Therefore, we also used our heels. There are also moments in our life that if we felt tired of walking or running, we experience pain in some parts of our feet. We experienced it at the end of the day. Oftentimes, we experience heel pain. But the question is what heel pain is? What is the root cause of heel pain?
What is the root cause of heel pain?

Nowadays, people are very busy in their everyday work. They went to their respective workplace wearing different kinds of shoes that are appropriate for their jobs. A lot of man wear their regular shoes while women most of the time wear their high heel shoes. It is important to wear shoes that is comfortable for our feet to avoid heel pain. One of the reason why we experience heel pain is because of our wrong choose of our shoes that we usually wear. But that is not only the cause of heel pain, in the popular cases, it has many causes, they are the following:

Heel Bursitis – it is the inflammation of the back part of the heel. It is caused by landing hardly on the heels. Sometimes it is caused by the pressure coming from the footwear. The pain is usually felt at the back of the heel or inside the heel.

Chronic Inflammation of the heel pad – it is caused by weighty footsteps or the pad of the heel becomes too thin.

Severs Disease – It is very common to child or teenage athletes. It is caused by repetitive micro trauma of the heel bone’s growth plates.

Heel Bumps – it is very common cause of heel pain among teenager most especially for the ladies who wear high heels. If the heel bone is not yet completely mature it results to the formation of too much bone.

Stress Fracture – It is common for the athletes. The main commonly cause of this is sports, energetic exercise, and heavy kinds of work.

Despite of the above causes, there is what we call the major cause of heel pain. The major cause of heel pain is the plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is caused usually by biomechanical inequality which results to tension beside the plantar fascia. It is oftentimes referred by medical group as “heel spur syndrome”. Plantar fasciitis happen if plantar fascia is turn to be overstretched, ruptured, or torn. It happens to both men and women. But, it is usually common to women.
Fix the Root Cause of Heel Pain

Heel pain is basically a common problem of the foot. It may not be a serious condition but it really interrupts us in our different doings. It may have a random of causes but we can actually avoid it by taking proper care of our feet, wearing supportive shoes, maintaining healthy weight, increase the level of activity gradually, and of course take enough rest.

It feels so good if we don’t have heel pain, so we must follow the healthy tips on how to avoid this kind of pain. A healthy lifestyle plus proper discipline is our shield to fight heel pain.