Apr 16

Understanding Achilles Tendinitis

Tendinitis is a condition that occurs most often by repeated minor impact on a certain affect area such as the elbow, wrist, or ankle. In our case, tendinitis is most likely to happen in the achilles tendon. This major tendon connects our heel to many of the lower leg bones.
Understand The Cause of Achilles Tendinitis

While it does happen immediately, tendinitis can gradually build and worsen over time if not immediately treated and identified. There are a number of activities that can affect your ankle and cause achilles tendinitis:


Many of these causes are sports related and for good reason. A great number of major sports require extensive use of legs and feet and involve a lot of stop and go activity. This type of movement on your ankle can greatly increase in stress over time if not properly treated and tended to after each and every outing. In order to prevent further injury when playing certain sports, it is imperative to learn all of the basic mechanics to achieve proper form and posture when playing said sport. Also, improper stretching beforehand will greatly increase risk.

If you are experiencing pain in your ankle region and have trouble stretching properly, you may have tendinitis in your achilles tendon. The pain can gradually build up if not tended to, especially if there are calcium deposits present in your ankle.

In order to avoid tendinitis, aside from proper sport form and mechanics, it is important to take it slow. If you are learning a new sport, build up your strength and your muscles and tendons will catch up and support more strenuous activity. You do not want to over exert yourself and expose your ankles to potential damage that can limit you from going any further. If you are experiencing unusual pain while training, stop immediately and try again later.

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