May 15

Achilles Tendonitis Exercises To Avoid Doing

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It is common for athletes, professionals and amateurs, to experience injury in tendons. One example of which is the “Achilles Tendonitis”. Specifically, Achilles tendon categorized as one of the tendons that are longer in our body. From our heel’s bone, it stretches to our calf muscles. A band of tissue that is springy and we feel it at our ankle’s back and directly above our heel. This allows our foot to extend and our toes to point the ground. Many exercises are applicable to aid Achilles tendonitis. On the other hand, there are also Achilles tendonitis exercises to avoid for some reasons.

Tendinitis is the cause why many injuries involving the Achilles tendon are happening. It makes the tendon aching and swollen. Likewise, using a very strong force to the tendon might cause partial or complete damage. These are common to the persons who are involved and active in sports like gymnastics, soccer, basketball, tennis, running, softball, baseball, and others. If you are already, feeling pain along the back of your foot and above your heel when you are trying to stand on your toes or even when you stretch your ankle, swelling, and it is hard to flex your foot. Those are some of the symptoms of that injury. Exercises might help to treat it, although there are some that we need to avoid.

In curing an Achilles tendonitis, seeking a professional doctor and doing proper regular exercise and treatment will help. Always make sure that you are doing the right Achilles exercise. Since Achilles tendon is one of the main power generator when doing push off, we can notice that as the joint of the ankles stride it goes in an extensive motion. Then, the Achilles transfers the force and this is thrice the weight of your body. Moreover, as you started to run faster, possibility of more strain will be on the Achilles tendon.

Stop exercising without proper warm up. Avoid doing exercises, as running using an improper form for it will stress the tendon excessively. In addition, avoiding the ones that are risky and contraindicated is good. Many of the exercises might harm you instead of helping you if done improperly. Do not do exercises repeatedly for it will strain your tendon; just do the needed at a single routine. Do not do activities or sports that are vigorous depending on your strength.

Achilles tendonitis exercises to avoid are those that are not suitable and improper in treating an Achilles tendonitis. Practicing exercises that are eccentric are a good idea. It includes heel dropping (known as gastrocnemius) horizontally and in a slow manner. It is an ankle exercise done by standing using only one foot in a step position and the heel is raising. Gradually lower down the heel and keep your leg straight until your foot becomes parallel to the floor. Start the push up using the uninjured leg to support and repeat. Do this every day for twelve consecutive weeks, twice a day performing 3 x 15 of repetitions. Another is the heel drop known as soleus, wherein you will be standing using only one leg on a step position but this time you will bent the keen you want to exercise into 45 degrees. In the span of 12 weeks, do this twice a day containing 3 x 15 repetitions.

Refrain from doing Achilles tendonitis exercises that are not that effective. As an alternative, Use those two basic exercises. That will help increase the volume of your tendon will boost your collagen production. Stop from exercising without proper guidelines coming from professionals to keep away from Achilles tendonitis. Learn to control your use of force.