Feb 09

Alcohol Sclerosing for Morton’s Neuroma

Many people experience foot pain without an apparent injury, and many of them are left wondering why. In many cases, the culprit is a neuroma. Simply put, a neuroma is a swollen nerve. In the case of a Morton’s neuroma, this nerve is located between the third and fourth toes. This condition can be quite painful, with most patients reporting a sharp feeling in the ball of the foot and radiating outward to the toes. There are many treatment options available to reduce the swelling in the nerve, among them a cutting-edge technique known as alcohol sclerosing.

Conservative care – including the use of custom orthotics, massage, and cortisone injections – is usually the first course of treatment for this painful condition. In the past, neuromas that failed to respond to these methods were typically removed surgically. However, because it is a nerve, patients who had them removed often complained of strange sensations in the place where the nerve used to be. Now, alcohol sclerosing can provide a preferable alternative to these older methods.

Using a solution of local anesthetics and ethyl alcohol, the doctor administers a series of injections near the affected nerve using ultrasound guidance. These injections are usually administered on a weekly basis over the course of three to seven visits. At this point, many patients report that they are completely pain free. Additional injections after this initial course of treatment are usually withheld for at least 90 days. This is because the effects of alcohol sclerosing can be gradual and need to be evaluated over time.

Dr. Aslmand has performed hundreds of these procedures, with the vast majority of his patients reporting an improvement in their condition. He prefers to use this treatment when possible because of its high success rate and relative safety when compared to surgical methods. If you are experiencing unexplained nerve pain in your foot, schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Aslmand today. You too can benefit from the relief that countless others have enjoyed. Call today.