Feb 28

Hammertoe Conditions & Treatment Options

hammer-toe-treatment-optionsHammertoe is a common type of foot problem the most often occurs within women who wear high heels with a narrow toe end. Many of these types of shoes can force a woman’s toes against the front side of the shoe. This can cause an unnatural bending of the toes which will result in pain and potential deformity if left unchecked.

A hammertoe is defined as being an unusual or abnormal bend in the middle joint of a toe. When this occurs the joint can become inflamed and Another type of joint problem is known as mallet toe. This more often occurs near on the joint nearest to the toenail. Both hammertoe and mallet toe are most likely to occur in your second biggest toe.

A hammertoe is easily classified by having an unusual bend in the joints of your toes, usually at least one. If you try to move any of these toes at the affected joint, the result can be very painful. Your toes can develop calluses by the constant rubbing against the insides of your shoes. The pain will increase the longer you put off any form of corrective procedures.

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Center in Long Beach, we recommend a conservative approach to treatment for hammertoe conditions. This includes immediately switching to a shoe that contains a broad spread in the toe area. A good frame way to determine if a shoe is wide enough is to be able to spread your toes out and/or wiggle your toes while they are in the shoe. Depending on the type of activity that the patient does regularly (walking, running, dance, sports), we recommend having the proper type of footwear for each activity.

Next, padding the toes to ensure that they remain in a comfortable, stable position is recommended in order to help return your alignment to normal while reducing the pain that can be felt from the joint bending. The padding will also help to relieve pressure and swelling.

If a conservative approach to hammertoe treatment does not provide relief, a custom-made insert can be beneficial along with cortisone injections to relieve acute pain in the area.

If you are experiencing hammertoe problems and you reside in or around the Long Beach area, please contact Dr. Pedram Aslmand at Advanced Foot & Ankle Center today to schedule a consultation and determine the best course of treatment for your specific hammertoe condition.
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