Nov 01

High Heels & Foot Pain

Wish you could wear high heels without the pain? Me too! So why do they hurt so much? High heels completely change the mechanics of our feet, putting the majority of the weight on the forefoot and causing constant contraction of the calves. While this makes us feel like our legs are longer and leaner, it can also cause painful calluses, corns, and plantar fasciitis. High heels can also aggravate bunions and cause Achilles tendinitis.

Try to keep heel height to less than 2 inches, only wear heels for about 4 hours and make sure you won’t be doing much walking or standing in them. If you have foot pain that doesn’t go away after getting out of your heels, seek the advise of a podiatrist.

Dr. Erin Kalla is a foot & ankle specialist in Long Beach, CA. She specializes in foot & ankle surgery, sports medicine, and diabetic foot care.