Feb 25

Try These 3 Exercises At The Office for Foot Pain

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Foot pain can hit any time or location, but perhaps the most frustrating place is in the workplace. Whether you are tied to your desk trying to finish proposals or rushing about the office on a busy day, no one wants to deal with unmediated pain while finishing their work load. Regardless of the situation, try the following office foot pain exercises to help alleviate your problem.

Toe Extensions

If you are sitting in a straight back chair, slip off your shoes and try toe extensions. Pick up the foot that has developed pain and place it on your opposite thigh. Take the toes on that foot in one hand and pull gently up towards your ankle. This will result in a good stretch you should be able to feel in your heel and your ankle. Hold the stretch for ten seconds and release. Repeat up to ten times. You may want to massage underneath your foot with your opposite hand when performing this stretch as well.

Toe Splays with Makeshift Tension Band

This is another simple exercise that will help alleviate foot pain in the office. Once again in a straight back chair, remove your shoes and socks. Grab an office rubber band and wrap it securely around the toes of each foot. Remember you will be using this device to create tension therefore you want it secure, but not tight enough to cut off circulation. Drop your feet back to flat on the floor. Spread your toes on both feet and feel the stretch throughout your foot. Hold the stretch for ten seconds and relax. Repeat up to ten times. You may want to start toe splays without the rubber bands as a tension aid, but using resistance will help build up strength and relieve pain.

Ball Roll

This exercise works great with a tennis ball, but you can also use one of those tension balls you often find floating around the office. Take off the shoe and sock on the foot requiring attention. Sit in a straight back chair and place your foot down on top of the ball. Roll the ball back and forth, using the ball to massage your arch. Continue for two to three minutes until you achieve relief.

Calf Stretch

Calf stretches are another great way to help relieve foot pain. Standing directly in front of an office wall, prop the toes of the painful foot on the wall and rest your weight on the balls of your feet. Lean into the wall for ten to fifteen seconds to help stretch the muscles. Relax and repeat up to ten times.

Since your feet contain over twenty-five bones as well as over one hundred muscles, it’s common to develop discomfort in them. Using these office foot pain exercises can help relieve your foot pain and enable you to go about your work day with only momentary pause. If the foot pain is unresolved, you may want to consider a visit with Dr. Pedram Aslmand. As a professional podiatrist, he will help you resolve your painful situation and recommend a personal treatment plan for you.