Feb 15

3 Simple Tips to Improve Foot Arthritis

3-tips-for-foot-arthritisOne of the debilitating health problems that seniors and even young people have to bear is foot arthritis. The pain and discomfort of foot arthritis simply hinders people leading quality life. Fortunately, there is a foot arthritis doctor in Long Beach who can very help you in dealing with this problem.

Headed by an expert podiatrist, the center specializes in diagnosis, treatment as well as in the prevention of a wide range foot and ankle disorders, including foot arthritis. On that note, Dr. Pedram Aslmand, the foot arthritis doctor of Long Beach is here to provide you with valuable simple tips in order to improve your foot arthritis and help you lead you a more quality life away from pain and discomfort.

Here are 3 simple tips from Advanced Foot & Ankle Center’s expert foot arthritis doctor Long Beach for you:

Manage Your Weight to Ease the Strain

One of the factors that can add to the agony of foot arthritis is your weight. Your lower body supports your whole body and your foot takes the most brunt of your weight each time you walk. Now, if you have foot arthritis that makes it all the more painful if you have extra weight that puts more pressure on the joints on your feet. In that sense, it can very well help ease the pain to reduce your weight in order to reduce the stress on your joints. When you do, it can effectively result in reduced pain and improved mobility.

Get More Exercise to Maintain Joint Flexibility

Apart from losing weight, getting more exercise can help in maintaining your joints’ flexibility. As for the exercises, better stay away from weight-bearing exercises such as running as it will do more damage than good. Instead, choose exercises that are low-impact and will not strain your leg, hips and feet such as swimming or perhaps water aerobics. With sports and exercises, you can very well flex your joints without putting added stress on it.

Hot and Cold Therapy Can Make a Difference

Hot and cold therapy is one of the most effective home remedies you can do in order to ease the pain of foot arthritis. A foot arthritis doctor in Long Beach advises long, warm baths in the morning can help when it comes to the stiffness of your joints. Use of eating pads is helpful as well for loosening your feet’s joints. On the other hand, cold presses can help as quick relief for your foot pain. All you need to do is apply an ice pack or anything frozen wrapped in towel on your aching feet.

These are simple tips that can help for quick and long term improvement of your foot arthritis. While these tips can be done at home, you still have to see a specialist in order to make sure of the condition of your foot arthritis. Only foot arthritis doctors can help ascertain of your overall health and that is what Dr. Pedram Aslmand, your trusted foot arthritis doctor in Long Beach, provides you.