Jun 19

3 Summer Shoe Styles That Can Cause Injuries

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3 Summer Shoe Styles That Can Cause InjuriesWhen it is summer, it’s almost synonymous to beach and fun. During this time, people are all busy planning for a summer vacation by the beach, which means that you have to set aside your shoes and boots this time around. This season is the time to wear appropriate slippers like flip flops and sandals as you can see the people around you doing.
3 Summer Shoe Styles That Can Cause Injuries

Sandals and flip flops are the norm during summer but it is important to know that not all summer shoes are equal or ideal. There are actually summer shoes that while great looking can actually cause injuries. That makes it important for you to learn more about the different shoes that can cause injuries and be able to choose the right shoes for you.

On that note, here are 3 summer shoe styles you should know that puts you at risk with foot injuries. Read on and find out why these summer shoe styles are likely to cause you injuries. This way, you can choose which styles of shoes are better for you or at least learn how you can prevent getting injuries while wearing these shoes.

Peep-Toes, Mules and Similar Styles

Any shoe styles that lets your foot to slide out of place and makes you grip to the shoe with your toes is a risk. These kinds of shoe put you at risk with hammertoe which is a condition where the toe-joint become abnormally bent. To prevent this from happening, better choose the kind of shoes with enough straps to secure your foot, back and front.

Flip Flops

Of all the summer shoes that can cause injuries, the flip flops are considered the worst offenders. With flip flops, it is easy for your foot to slip out of place which could likely cause ankle sprain. At the same time, flip flops don’t offer enough support or cushioning for the heel, which can cause plantar fasciitis. There’s just a lot of risk for injuries when it comes to flip flops.

Wedge Shoes

One of the summer shoe styles that could cause injuries is the wedge styled shoes. The biggest hazard to this is the side-to-side instability. With that, it is easy for you to lose your balance in wedge shoes and then twist your ankle resulting to sprain. Aside from that, wearing wedges shifts your weight forward to the ball of your foot. When that happens, you are at risk to foot inflammation and mid-foot pain. In some cases, because they are usually of high heels, these shoes can cause fracture.

These are three of the common summer shoe styles that are known to cause injuries. Wearing are likely to put you at risk in injuries, some mild but others can be relatively serious.

When using these types of shoes, it is best to exercise caution or at least don’t wear them for the whole day. It is best to wear the kind of shoes that you’re most comfortable with and will not put you at risk to injuries.