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4 Ways to Build Ankle Strength

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Strong AnklesAnkle sprains are one of the most common conditions injuries. The good thing is that it can possibly be avoided by enhancing your ankle strength. There are also many benefits attached in maintaining healthy and strong ankles. Healthy and strong ankles can definitely improve your legs and balance.

Perhaps, most of you think that ankle exercise is just for the athletes. Well, you are wrong, as even regular individuals can do a lot of ways to build ankle strength. Exercise can help you a lot and can be performed while watching TV or sitting down. You can even strengthen your ankles when adding weight for bigger challenge. Working on or stretching your balance could also build ankle strength.
Working out while Sitting

Performing ankle turn is one of the most effective ways that you can do to strengthen your ankles. Apart from that, it is also one easy way of ankle exercise that you can perform. While sitting in your chair, just slide the exercise band or jump rope under a single foot. Then, pull the rope/band to pull your ankle.

After doing that, push against bands’ force and slightly turns your ankle. The bands or the rope are stretching materials that have wider range of movement, that’s why they are very effective to use for strengthening your ankle. You can do it repeatedly as many as you can. You can also use old-shirt if no available jump rope or rubber band.
Performing exercise while standing

This type of ankle exercise is so easy, where you can try your toe raises. If you feel weak or you have issues in proper balancing, you can do this ankle work out placing your back on the wall. Make sure that you are not using anything that has overly weight in your hand while performing the exercise.
Stretching your ankle

This is another way of exercise that you can do to build your ankle strength. Place both of your hands on the wall for about shoulder heights, then prop your right ball touching the wall. You can always repeat doing this type of ankle exercise if you want. Once you experience ankle sprains, you have to immediately check them to prevent possible defects or any serious injury.
Practice Your Balance

Practicing your balance is also one of the most effective ways of exercise that can definitely improve your ankle strength. Stand on the pillow or wobble board with legs that are slightly closer than the shoulder width. After that, squat down in a slowly manner while controlling your squats’ speed.

Then, slowly go back to your standing position. It is best recommended to perform this exercise for about ten squats every in every set. You can repeat doing the set three times or more depending on your ankle strength. If you know more different ways of ankle exercise, you can add them on your list.

Strengthening your ankle is very important to be done now. It will not only help you to be more physically active, but can even enhance your physical performance.
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