Jun 07

Are Crocs Bad For Your Feet?


Are Crocs Bad For Your Feet?

Crocs first came out the market back in 2002. They are rubber clogs that act as boater-floaters which has now sold over 300 million pairs in about 90 countries. A lot of people have tried a pair of Crocs – some love them, some hate them – but it sure is here to stay.

One of the reasons why people love Crocs is that they are comfortable to wear and convenient to slip on and off. With the floatability and rubbery attributes of Crocs, people cannot help but find it real comfortable to the feet. Crocs are also practical for wear, especially when you have to step in somewhere or something, which can be difficult to clean off your sneakers. Simply rinse or wipe off Crocs and they look good as new.

With these rubber clogs, you simply have to hose it or wipe it off and the dirt is gone without so much effort. It is pretty convenient which is why it’s not so surprising that a lot of people begun wearing them. But, there are some people who say otherwise and claim that Crocs are bad for your feet. The question then is “why are Crocs bad for your feet?”
Are Crocs Really Bad for Your Feet?

The answer would be yes. While a lot of people clearly remark that Crocs are comfortable, experts claim that Crocs don’t provide enough support while at the same time risks ankle injuries as well. In fact, a lot of podiatrists – the actual doctors – are not exactly a fan of Crocs. They say that Crocs are not exactly suitable for every-day use.

This rubber clogs do provide you with good arch support, but they do not offer you with enough heel support for a longer period of time. If that is the case, then wearing Crocs for longer periods of time can eventually lead to calluses, nail problems, tendinitis and other problems. This problem is just the same as when you use flip flops wherein the heel is not really secured.

That makes doctors not quite a fan of using Crocs even when a lot of people claim they are comfortable for use. According to experts, the most important part of a shoe is the shank – the structure between the toe and heel which gives it support. People who continuously use slippers that do not have a shank are likely to have foot pain.
Who Are Best to Wear Crocs?

Crocs aren’t advised to be used every day but this does not mean that you shouldn’t wear them at all. In fact, Crocs are ideal for use to some people, such as those people with very high arch and those who are suffering with excessive edema to their ankle and legs. But in any other circumstances, Crocs are best used for trips to the beach or pool.

It is not for the best to use them for 10 hours a day or for long walks. In that case, if you are planning on having a walk wearing a Croc, it is wise to use it in intervals. This way, you can rest your feet and avoid getting your ankle injured. So when you’re asked, “Are Crocs bad for your feet?”, just tell that they aren’t ideal for everyday use.