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Do I Need to See a Podiatrist for Corns?

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Corns on Feet

Do I Need to See a Podiatrist for Corns?

Corns are one of the top foot conditions that podiatrists see. They’re not contagious, but they can be unsightly and uncomfortable and often leave sufferers combing the internet for home remedies to relieve them. Though corns generally aren’t a serious problem, there are several good reasons to see a podiatrist for corns to ensure that they’re treated safely and effectively.
What are corns?

Corns are similar to calluses, in that they’re areas of hardened skin developed to protect parts of the body.

Hard corns are typically located on the tops or outsides of toes, and have a firm, dense center.
Seed corns show up on the heels and balls of feet, and resemble plugs of hardened skin.
Soft corns are usually found between toes, and are smooth and tender.

While calluses arise in areas subject to friction, corns develop in areas subject to pressure.
Can corns be treated at home?

Many people find themselves asking, “Can I treat the corns on my feet myself?” Unfortunately, this is often not the case. DIY remedies usually involve ingredients like lemon juice in an attempt to soften the hardened skin, or even cutting the corn off at home. These measures may not completely remove the corn, increase the odds of infection, and don’t do anything to prevent its recurrence.
Is it necessary to see a podiatrist for corns?

It’s a good idea to have corns treated by a professional. If they are cut or scraped, they can easily become infected. This is a particular risk in people with diabetes, heart disease, or poor circulation. Sometimes, corns may begin to discharge fluid on their own. This is typically a sign of infection, and warrants a doctor’s visit. In the office, a podiatrist can trim the corn and offer advice to keep it from coming back.

For corn sufferers wondering, “Should I visit a podiatrist for the corns on my feet?” The answer is: Probably. It is best to schedule a consultation to determine the extent of the corn just to be sure. Corns generally aren’t a serious problem, but they can become very uncomfortable and can be quickly and easily taken care of during a podiatrist’s office visit. To schedule a consultation with Advanced Foot and Ankle Center give our office a call at 562-426-0376.
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