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4 Ways To Improve Minor Ankle Surgery Recovery Time

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4 Ways To Improve Minor Ankle Surgery Recovery TimeYou may have gone through an ankle surgery to flatten your twisted toe. And after this procedure, you may also have noticed that your toe has turned out red, stiff and swollen. The symptoms often last for weeks. They get better in a week’s time.

But after the procedure, you will be required to use a special kind of shoe to be able to correct your toe. This way, it will stay at its right position for three to six weeks. Your surgeon will also take your stitches away from you for about two weeks after the procedure. When your surgeon has placed a pin for your toe to flatten it out, expect that it helps in healing it.
4 Ways To Improve Minor Ankle Surgery Recovery Time

Read on further to know more how to improve your minor ankle surgery recovery:


Take some rest if you feel weary. Getting enough sleep helps aid the process of recovery. Walk every day when you can. Start by simply walking one step. You can take a few more steps if you can. You need to understand that walking enhances the blood flow. This also helps you avoid constipation and pneumonia.


Following a proper diet helps enhance minor ankle surgery recovery time. You can still eat your usual diet. When you tummy is upset, you can try low-fat foods like broiled, plain rice, toast, yogurt and chicken.

You may often notice that your bowel movement is not at its regular state after the procedure, which is common. For you to best avoid constipation, you may need to consume fiber supplement on a daily basis.


Taking medicines in the right and appropriate way helps enhance minor ankle surgery recovery time. Your surgeon will tell when you can take your medicines. Your doctor will also provide you with some of the effective guides on taking your new medicines.

When taking blood thinners like aspirin, Coumadin or clopidogrel, make sure to discuss them all with your surgeon. Your surgeon will instruct you when to start taking those treatments again. Ensure that you know what your surgeon would like you to do.
Take pain treatments as directed.
When the surgeon gives you with a pain treatment, consume it as prescribed.
You can also ask your surgeon if you can take OTC medicines.
When the surgeon prescribed antibiotics, consume them as directed. Don’t stop consuming them once you start feeling good.

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When leaving the hospital after surgery, make sure to hold your toe at its right position. Your surgeon will eliminate the bandage after days. You have to keep it dry. Never soak the affected area until your surgeon says so.

Follow up check-up enhances the minor ankle surgery recovery time. Thus, you need to go through your appointment. Better yet, contact your surgeon or nurse when you experience any of the issues on your toe. It is also a smart idea to see the test results and keep the complete lists of the medications to take.