Feb 09

Recovering From Bunion Surgery

Recovering from bunion surgery is a process that involves clear instruction, and a bit of self discipline. No one wants to find themselves with a post-surgical infection, or a foot that cannot bear weight properly. So, I wanted to share some tips on recovering.

You should greatly restrain the desire to be up and moving a lot. Bearing too much weight, after surgery, can lead to issues with the bunion surgery. You can end up with a lot more pain and swelling. So, limit your time on your feet.

For the first 3 days or so, you need to keep the foot elevated as much as possible. Applications of ice three times a day will also help to reduce the amount of swelling from the surgery. You may also be taking some ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, or some pain killer, based upon what your surgeon prescribes. Make sure that you don’t cheat this process, as it will only help you recover more quickly.

You will also begin wearing an orthotic, such as a boot cast, for around 2-3 weeks, while recovering from bunion surgery. The boot is designed to protect you, so follow instructions for wearing it. It is also important that you keep the foot clean and dry. The best way to do this is take a bath, so you can guarantee the foot will stay out of the water.

Finally, stay away from tight fitting shoes, until the incision has completely healed. You also want to avoid narrow toed shoes for the same period.

Recovering from bunion surgery can be a simple process, by just following the simple instructions provided to you by your surgeon. You’ll be back on your feet in no time.