Dec 27

Three Tips for a New Year of Running

Long Beach Podiatrist

New Year’s resolutions, especially those that involve improving your health, can be a great thing. Of course, we all know how difficult it can be maintain our newfound good habits. What starts with the best of intentions too often ends in regret and frustration. But for those of you who are resolving to run more in the coming year, we want to offer some tips to help you keep it up and get the most out of one of the healthiest hobbies you’ll ever take up.

Set a series of goals and stick to them. Setting goals allows us to track our progress and can greatly enhance the feeling of accomplishment that comes from improving your fitness level. Setting both long- and short-term goals can make the whole process that much easier. At the daily level, set up a routine that you can stick to; try to run at the same time every day that you run, which should be a minimum of three days a week for most people. Every month, try to set a new goal in either the distance or amount of time that you run. Pushing yourself over time helps keep it interesting and fun.
Make sure you have the right equipment. Although running is one of the best exercises you can do, it can also lead to a number of injuries (as we know all too well). Proper running shoes are, of course, essential. But most people are also well-served by custom orthotics. We can make a pair of custom orthotics designed just for your feet, giving you the support and protection for optimal foot and ankle health.
Sign up for a race. There are numerous events every year in most cities, with varying degrees of competitiveness. Whether you choose to do a fun run or engage in some serious competition, having a race to look forward to can help keep you motivated and encourage you to reach new levels of fitness.

However you choose to approach your New Year’s resolutions, no matter what they are, we wish all of you the best of luck in 2014. And for those of you who do choose to run, we’ll be here to help keep you on your feet.