Feb 25

Treatment Options for Haglund’s Deformity

Haglund’s deformity, or pump bump or sometimes Bauer bump, is a condition where there is a bony development that forms at the rear side of one’s heel. In the end, this condition can lead to retrocalcaneal bursitis. If the retrocalcaneal bursitis is rubbed against any kind of footwear, this can be irritated and quite painful.

This condition has been known as “pump bump” because it typically occurs in pump-style shoes which women often wear. It is said that the inflexible backs of these shoes creates pressure which irritates the heel and causes the bump. As such, women who use heels are those who are most common victims of Haglund deformity.

Fortunately, there are varying treatments with this condition with the help of Haglund Deformity Doctor in Long Beach. With the direction of Dr. Pedram Aslmand, an expert in foot and ankle disorders, you have a good number of choices for treatment options when it comes to Haglund’s deformity. On that note, here is a brief description of the treatment options you can have:

Non-Surgical Options

In Haglund’s deformity, the main focus of treatment is by relieving the pain, and taking the pressure on the heel bone. On that note, here some of your options in treating it without surgery:

wearing of shoes that does not put pressure at the back of the heel
applying ice on the bump to reduce the swelling
taking anti-inflammatory drugs that are not non-steroidal
changing your physical activities such as running hard on surface can help
getting soft tissue massage
use heel pads to reduce pressure
calf stretches to reduce the tension on your Achilles tendon

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy and ultrasound can also be used in order to treat Huglund deformity. With regular therapy, the inflammation associated with bursitis can be reduced at least little by little. This option is best when combined with other treatment options for Haglund’s deformity. This way, you can expect much better result with relieving the pain, and reducing bone swelling from your heel.

Surgery and Injections

Surgery is one of the options that Haglund deformity doctor in Long Beach can offer you. This option is advisable if less invasive options do not work in helping with the condition. In the surgery option, the Hugland’s deformity doctor will remove the excess bone from the heel. In some cases, the bone is not removed and simply smoothed or filed down. With this option, the pressure on the soft tissue and heel is reduced.

Of all the treatment options you can do for Hugland’s deformity, the surgery is the most effective although the fact that it is invasive has its risks. But, rest assured that with the help on a Hugland deformity doctor from Long Beach, you can have the best treatment options to improve the condition of your Hungland’s deformity. Dr. Pedram Aslmand is an expert on all kinds of foot and ankle disorders and his expertise will allow you to take advantage of most comprehensive care available in Long Beach.