Oct 21

What Is Typical Recovery Time For A Jones Fracture?

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A Jones fracture is an injury at the base of the 5th foot metatarsal bone. Symptoms include swelling and pain at the injured area. Sufferers also find it hard to walk. A general diagnostic X-ray is needed to confirm that one is really suffering from a Jones fracture. The X-ray must be taken from all views – lateral, anteroposterior and oblique.

Jones fractures usually happen on the intermetatarsal joint. This injury is also sometimes confused with other bone fractures. If the injury happened on the tarsometarsal joint, it’s an avulsion fracture. These fractures are usually, but incorrectly diagnosed as apophysis. There are some signs that differentiate a Jones fracture from apophysis such as the lucent line’s angle and the lack of fractured edges. In apophysis, the metatarsal axis is parallel. In a Jones fracture, it is 90⁰.

A Jones fracture can be treated, but proper diagnosis and treatment are needed to ensure the successful treatment of the injury.
Treatment and Recovery Time for a Jones Fracture

Treatment and recovery time for a Jones fracture depend on the severity of the injury. A walking boot, splint or cast can be used for 1 or 2 months to correct a minor fracture. At this point, you should not put weight or exert any pressure on the affected foot until allowed by the doctor. A splint or a cast has a success rate of 75%.

Specialized treatment methods are needed for acute fractures. A figure 8 monofilament K wire may be placed on the fractured bone. A dynamic compression plate may also be placed on the strained part of the fracture. If the fracture cannot be treated using these methods, fixing it from the inside might be the only solution. The bones will be joined together using cortical or cancellated screws and bone grafts may be needed to speed up the healing process. Taking regular doses of Vitamin D and calcium can also speed up the healing of the injury.
Recovery From Jones Fracture Surgery

In some situations, surgery is required. For instance, athletes suffering from a Jones fracture can benefit from undergoing surgery as it can shorten the lengthy healing period. However, it is still best to discuss your treatment options with your doctor before undergoing any surgery.

Failure to unite the bones even after treatment can cause a chronic condition. This can be due to different reasons. One of these is the fracture occurring at an area that doesn’t get enough blood supply, reducing the chances of a quick and successful healing process. The muscles and tendons in the fractured area may also pull the injured bones apart, prolonging or preventing the injury from healing. Your doctor may recommend staying in a cast for a longer period of time. When this happens, recovery time for a Jones fracture could go up to twenty weeks.

If you are injured, you should visit your doctor right away. The sooner you manage your condition, the faster you’ll get rid of it and live a pain-free life.