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What Are The Symptoms of a Torn Achilles?

The Symptoms of a Torn AchillesWhen it comes to Achilles injury in Long Beach, you need a professional local podiatrist to help you recover in the quickest and most convenient way possible. However, you need to first know the early signs of torn Achilles in order to make you become more knowledgeable on how to handle this situation. Read on and discover the symptoms of Achilles injury and where to find the best podiatrist in Long Beach, California.
Symptoms of a Torn Achilles?

The signs and symptoms of Achilles tendon injury include the following:

Suddenly severe pain which can be felt right at your calf or ankle. This is often compared to pain felt when you are hit or shot by a stone or rock. You may also feel like someone has accidentally stepped on your ankle.
A loud sound of snap or pop can be experienced.
A depression or gap is felt and even seen within the tendon for approximately two inches right above your heel bone.
Initial swelling, stiffness and pain is then followed by sudden weakness and bruising.
The pain felt may quickly dwindle while smaller tendon tissues can keep hold of its ability in pointing the toes. With the absence of Achilles tendon, it would be extremely difficult.
Pushing off while standing on creep as you walk would really be impossible.
There is more likely complete tear than partial tear.

More Info About Symptoms of a Torn Achilles

Tendon is actually a fibrous tissue which significantly joins muscles to the bone within the body. The certain forces which are being applied to the tendon can exceed from five times the body weight of an individual. In some atypical cases, the tendon or Achilles can rupture or snap. Such conditions which create the crack more likely consist of steroids injection into the tendon, diseases like hyperparathyroidism or gout, and having an O for blood type.

Though fairly infrequent, torn Achilles may be one of the most serious problems you can ever handle as it affects your ability to walk properly. This condition can significantly result to excruciating pain as well as permanent disability when untreated. All types of torn Achilles have different symptoms so it’s very important to see a professional podiatrist to help you determine which the most ideal treatment is.

Why Choose an Expert Local Podiatrist in Long Beach CA

With an expert Achilles injury in Long Beach, California, you can get peace of mind in terms of professionally handling your condition. Since there are various types of torn Achilles, it is best to get professional advice from your local podiatrist in Long Beach. With that, we are proud to offer you excellent services when it comes to broken tendon recovery. All you need to do is contact us today and we will help you clarify your concerns in the most professional way.

As your reputable local podiatrist in California, you can completely depend on our expert recovery services for torn Achilles. Please feel free to call us today if you have questions as well as other related concerns in order to properly address your needs.